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What is the MultiTracks App?

MultiTracks Music
The MultiTracks App is a synchronized music delivery system
that allows users to solo, mute, pan, and adjust the volume of each track.
It is also an entirely new revenue stream for musicians...
putting your music in the hands of MultiTracks users around the world.

How does it work?

The MultiTracks App allows music-lovers to enjoy their favorite songs in a whole new way - by mixing the different parts of the song in real-time.

To add your music to the MultiTracks App (in MT8 format), simply create an account, upload your stems and artwork and pay a $9.95 per song processing fee.

Your music will be live within the MultiTracks app within 7-10 days and you will receive 50% of all revenue from the sales of your songs.

Please see the FAQ for more details.

MultiTracks: Now Available On The App Store MultiTracks: Now Available On The App Store