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What is the MultiTracks App?

The MultiTracks App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a synchronized music delivery system that lets users plays songs in an eight-track format. Users can play, mute, solo, and pan tracks individually or together in any combination.

Music is recorded in "pieces". We think it should be listened to the same way. And so do the artists in our catalog.

Explore, discover, and play with the stems. The MultiTracks App is now available on over 200 million iOS devices. The app is free to download and you can enjoy two free MT8's included in the initial app download and browse through dozens more available in the MultiTracks Store.

What is an MT8?

We call each song in the MultiTracks App an MT8. This is a song delivered in 8 individual, synchronized "stems".

How do I get my music in the MultiTracks App?

In order to add your songs to the MultiTracks App (in MT8 format), you need the following:

- Original or copyrighted music (You must be the author or owner of the rights to the song)

- Album Name
- Song Title
- Song Description (160 characters)
- Album / Cover Art (360x360 px)
- (:15) 2-Mix Audio Preview of Song
- (8) Individual stems of one song
- Stems and preview should be 128 kbps,
   44.1 kHz, 16-bit, stereo mp3's
- $9.95 processing fee per song

Once you have the above assets, create an account and log-in to upload your music.

What if I recorded my song in more than 8 tracks?

You must mix your song down to 8 stems by grouping some together, such as backup vocals, horn section, percussion, etc. and exporting them as one stem.

MultiTracks Music

When will my music be ready for sale within the MultiTracks App?

Once we have received your song data, audio tracks, cover art, and processing fee, your MT8(s) will then be added to the MultiTracks App and ready for sale within 14-21 days.

How much will I receive per download?

MultiTracks artists will receive 50% of the retail price of each download of their MT8's. Each MT8 will initially be priced at $1.99 per song, although artists are free to select the retail price of each of their MT8's.

How will I be paid?

Artists will be paid quarterly, and will receive payments within 90 days from the end of the month in which sales occurred. There is no minimum payment threshold.

What is the deal with the $9.95 processing fee for each song?

Adding your songs to the MultiTracks App takes us some time, and our programmers need to eat too.
But the good news is that if you can sell 5 copies of your MT8, you will start making money. We believe that for artists that are serious about their music, it shouldn't be a problem to sell 5 copies of their songs. Right?

Am I free to sell my songs in other formats?

Yes. Licensing your songs to the MultiTracks App does not prohibit you from doing what you are already doing.
You can continue to sell your music in any other formats.

Can I submit an entire album?

Yes, although currently MT8's must be uploaded one at a time.

Can I get a copy of the MultiTracks Artist Agreement?

Yes, here is the Artist Agreement.

Can I get the MultiTracks App on my computer?

Currently, the MultiTracks App is only available for iOS devices.
Look for Android and PC versions in the future.